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Weight Loss

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When you’re not seeing the results you’d like, weight loss may seem terribly frustrating. But did you know that a simple change in approach can make your weight loss goals far easier to reach? At INDY VITAL in Indianapolis, Indiana, the experienced team led by Cris Vieira, MD, offers innovative weight loss solutions like peptide treatments and Cryoskin non-invasive fat reduction. Learn more by calling the INDY VITAL office or clicking on the appointment tool now.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can I speed up my weight loss?

The INDY VITAL team recommends a multipart approach to rapid weight loss. Eating the right foods, including lean proteins and fresh produce versus processed and fatty foods, is a good start. 

But fat loss is one of the most important areas of focus when you’re trying to lose weight, and that’s where peptide treatments can come in. Your INDY VITAL provider injects peptides into the tissue between your skin and muscle. 

Peptides stimulate fat breakdown and weight loss. They also encourage growth hormone production, which helps you replace fat with lean muscle. INDY VITAL also offers a topical peptide cream. 

How can I treat stubborn fat pockets?

INDY VITAL offers a Cryoskin treatment called CryoSlimming® for spot fat reduction in the areas that don’t respond well to diet and exercise. CryoSlimming uses fat freezing technology to target the areas where you have extra fat, such as the love handles and thighs. 

The cold kills the fat cells. After treatment, your lymphatic system naturally flushes away the treated fat cells over the next few weeks. You can have CryoSlimming treatments every two weeks until you reach the desired results. 

How can I reduce cellulite?

INDY VITAL offers a Cryoskin treatment called CryoToning® for cellulite reduction. This can be a great way to fine-tune your appearance while losing weight. 

With CryoToning, your INDY VITAL provider uses freezing technology to widen blood vessels, boost blood flow, and encourage collagen growth. This improves your skin elasticity and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. 

How can I get younger-looking skin after weight loss?

After you lose weight, especially if it’s a significant amount of weight, it’s not unusual to notice increased skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. This can happen because you lost some of the fat that lends your skin support. 

INDY VITAL offers a Cryoskin anti-aging treatment called CryoFacial® to help you improve blood flow and increase oxygenation beneath your skin. This, in turn, stimulates new collagen production that creates skin support to smooth and firm your face. 

INDY VITAL can help with all your weight loss needs. To try natural therapies that help you drop extra weight and enhance your appearance, call the office or click on the appointment maker now.