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Red Light Therapy

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Photobiomodulation therapy, also called red light therapy, is a non-invasive cold laser treatment that reduces pain by decreasing inflammation and encouraging tissue repair. INDY VITAL is the only practice in Indianapolis, Indiana, that offers NovoTHOR® red light therapy, a remarkably effective natural pain management treatment. If you have chronic pain, Cris Vieira, MD, and the INDY VITAL team can help. Call the office or click on the online scheduler to arrange your consultation now.

Red Light Therapy Q & A

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation, is a scientifically proven cold laser treatment for acute pain, chronic pain, and their associated symptoms. 

This treatment combines specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to trigger your body’s natural recovery process at a much-accelerated rate.

During hundreds of randomized clinical trials, red light therapy showed great benefits for chronic pain sufferers, including injured tissue repair, reduced inflammation, and diminished pain. 

What conditions does red light therapy help with?

Red light therapy with NovoTHOR can help with a range of musculoskeletal conditions, which is why it's widely used by the US Olympic team, Formula 1 race car drivers, professional soccer teams, and sports medicine departments at Ivy League universities. 

Some common reasons to have red light therapy include:

  • Sports injuries or other acute injuries
  • Arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Poor range of motion related to injury or disease
  • Neuropathic (nerve) pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain 

Red light therapy is a safe and reliable pain relief option that treats your pain at the source. It often helps even where other treatments didn’t. By stimulating cellular repair in the damaged area, you get true recovery instead of simply covering up the pain temporarily with medication. 

How does red light therapy work?

INDY VITAL uses NovoTHOR laser equipment, including a light therapy bed that delivers bodywide healing light and a hand-held focal laser light treatment for localized pain, such as knee pain. 

During the red light treatment, you can relax while the laser light harmlessly passes through your skin and into the deeper skin layers to start the repair process. Red light therapy is completely painless and has no known side effects. 

The laser light stimulates a host of healing effects, and you should notice your pain continue to decrease as time goes on and your tissues recover. In addition to reduced pain, you experience relief from arthritis-related stiffness and muscle spasms, as well as improved range of motion. 

Red light therapy treatments at INDY VITAL generally take around 10 minutes, and most patients need two or more red light therapy sessions weekly for maximum results. The team can personalize a treatment plan for you. 

Looking for pain relief that works fast and also lasts? Red light therapy at INDY VITAL can help. Call the office or use the online appointment tool to arrange your consultation today.