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Male Hormone Therapy


Men with low testosterone levels often experience a range of symptoms that include fatigue and lethargy, inability to achieve an erection, loss of muscle mass, increased irritability, decreased motivation and decreased cognitive function and verbal memory. An estimated 13 million men in the United States suffer from low testosterone. Most men are unaware of their condition. Some benefits include:

  • Greater energy and vitality
  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Heightened sexual activity
  • Mitigate the risk of Alzheimer’s

By undergoing hormonal therapy, you can increase your testosterone levels and correct the other aspects of your health as you reach an age of maturity. Within weeks, you can expect: greater and faster brain responsiveness, reduced fat, a healthier heart, and most importantly, an overall renewed body.

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Male Hormonal Therapy Benefits

- Renewed energy levels
- Healthier heart function
- Greater and faster brain responsiveness
- Reduced fat
- Increased virility
- An overall renewed body

Male Hormonal Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

The testosterone levels in a man’s body naturally begin to lower after age 40. At this stage in life, many men develop a clinical condition called hypogonadism; this is when a man’s testes fail to produce normal levels of testosterone. Some men are even born with the condition that contributes to

- Lowered sex drive
- Infertility
- Impotence
- loss of body and facial hair
- osteoporosis

After diagnosis with a blood test, Indy Vital After may recommend male hormone replacement therapy to replace the missing testosterone. This can restore sexual function and muscle strength, and prevent bone loss.

Testosterone can be given in several different forms, including injections, transdermal systems (patches), and gels.

Male Hormonal Therapy Side Effects

There are little to no side effects from pulse-wave therapy for ED, however, some patients could experience one or more of the following side effects from testosterone replacement therapy: Increase in red blood cells (which can be beneficial if you have anemia), or skin reactions such as acne. Although uncommon, fluid retention is a potential side effect and caution must be taken if you have a history of heart failure or kidney disease. Additionally, if you have an enlarged prostate or obstructive sleep apnea, treatment with testosterone may worsen symptoms. Our medical staff can advise you on the safest treatments options that are best suited to you based on your medical history and needs.

Men's health

Intracavernous injection of Tri-mix:

At Indy Vital, we use Tri-mix as a diagnostic tool and occasionally as a treatment for ED. The injection of Tri-mix will produce an erection in the great majority of males. Depending on your initial response to Tri-mix, injection, we will determine the course of your therapy and how intensive your treatment has to be. Tri-mix serves as a viable alternative to the PDE5 inhibit tablets along with being ideal for those men who haven’t had good experiences with Cialis or Levitra. Tri-mix is a compounded mixture of Alprostadil, Phentolamine, and Papaverine

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT): the treatment of andropause or low testosterone levels, also known as Low-T, is crucial to improve low-energy, low sex drive, poor sleep quality and lack of mental clarity that is common in men suffering from low testosterone levels. We can significantly improve the symptoms with the use of intramuscular long-acting testosterone solutions. At Indy Vital, we recommend our compounded intramuscular testosterone solution.

Conditions We Treat

Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy will be used at Indy Vital to help those with Erectile Dysfunction.

Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone Deficiency will be treated with injection and will improve not only male performance but will also help laziness, low energy and will improve motivation.

Premature ejaculation

Shockwave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body. Recently, scientists have investigated low-intensity shockwave therapy to help men suffering from premature ejaculation.

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