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IV Drip Therapy


As part of our commitment to improve your overall health and maximize your stamina and your immune system, Indy Vital provides several kinds of intravenous infusions that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and nutrients. These IV drips go directly into your venous circulatory system (IV) and consequently directly into your cells that will receive an abundant amount of these compounds for their optimal function.

Our IV drip therapies are used to improve energy, immunity, weight loss, & detoxification and to decrease inflammation, improve muscle function and even promote recovery before and after intense exercise. 

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IV Drip Therapy Benefits

- Increased hydration and replenishment of electrolytes
- Improved energy
- Increased weight loss
- Improved immunity
- Detoxification
- Improved muscle function
- Improved recovery before and after intense exercise


Types of Infusions We Offer:

At Indy Vital, we offer several kinds of infusions. We will guide you in deciding what infusion is best for you! 

IV Hydration

The goal is to hydrate and expand the vascular system, restore electrolyte balance and flush your cells of THE EXCESS OF lactic acid and ITS potential toxicity.


IV Memory and Cognitive Boost

The goal of this infusion is to replenish and restore hydration by expanding the vascular system with normal saline solution plus vitamins and minerals, which help to decrease inflammation in the neurological system, improve cognitive function, attention and memory through neuro-regeneration.


IV Insomniac – Brain Detox:

The goal of this infusion is to replenish the vascular system and decrease inflammation, relieve pain and nausea and improve sleep disorders. This formulation of Normal Saline solution and select vitamins, minerals and peptides will aid in promoting a deeper sleep by detoxifying the cells of heavy metals and by breaking down free radicals.


IV High Dose Vitamin C – Immune Super Boost

High dose Vitamin C infusions can help boost the immune system and clear free radicals from the body. Vitamin C is a major antioxidant and immune system protector and also aids in extracellular collagen production and function. Additionally, studies have shown high doses of vitamin C can lower levels of C-reactive protein, which are known to cause inflammation.


IV Energy for Athletes

This IV infusion is specially designed for both professional and nonprofessional athletes alike, to boost energy and improve athletic performance. This blend of Normal Saline with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, peptides and amino acids can help boost metabolism, promote muscle hydration and increase total-body performance.


Myers Cocktail Infusion

Based on the original formula created by Dr. John Myers, this IV infusion has helped many people who suffer from chronic conditions including fatigue, seasonal allergies, pain/fibromyalgia, and digestive disturbances such as indigestion, bloating, food sensitivities and even ‘leaky gut syndrome’.


IV Fountain of Youth, Anti-Aging Infusion

The goal of this infusion is to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin using high doses of cellular scavengers and antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and improve the skins natural glow. By replacing fluids, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids specific to skin repair and collagen production, this infusion can also aid in detox, boosting energy and getting rid of stubborn body fat.


Hangover Rescue

We have several options for recovery and relief of symptoms if you’ve partied a little too hard and wake up feeling hungover. Our Hangover Rescue #1 combines IV solution with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals plus thiamine and folic acid to replenish & rehydrate and neutralize acidity from alcohol overload. Our Hangover Rescue #2 infusion combines everything from #1 with the addition of anti-nausea medication as well as an analgesic for pain relief. And if you’re really struggling, we offer the Hangover Rescue #3, which has all the components of infusion #1, plus anti-nausea and anti-pain medications, PLUS we add in IV Protonix which helps with stomach discomfort, indigestion and bloating.


IV Migraine Go-Away

The goal is to replenish and restore hydration and improve migraine or cluster headache. The use of hydration will expand the vascular system and decrease inflammation. The vitamins including vitamin C and B Complex improve cognition and the inflammatory process. The intravenous magnesium will help decrease pain.


IV VitaThin – IV Weight Loss Infusion

The goal of this infusion is to aid in the weight loss process. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this IV infusion uses essential vitamins and minerals that improve hydration, and stimulate metabolism which promotes weight loss.


IV Traveler’s Drip

This special formula can help travelers who develop symptoms of jet lag after a trip. These symptoms are usually vague but are often described as a general feeling of malaise and overall ‘not feeling well’. Many travelers experience sleep disturbance, daytime fatigue and difficulty concentrating and functioning as usual. This formula can also aid in boosting the immune system, to help combat any potential germs picked up on your travels.


IV Post-Surgery Drip

The goal of this IV infusion is to hydrate the body and help skin and soft tissue healing, using high doses of cellular scavengers and antioxidants to help speed recovery after surgery.


IV Flu Drip

The goal of this infusion is to help accelerate your recovery during a viral illness such as the flu, with plenty of vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus lots of vitamin C to boost the immune system. It is very common for individuals who develop the flu to become dehydrated, therefore it is important to replenish and replace fluids to promote a speedy recovery.


IV Peptide Therapy

At Indy Vital, we also offer Peptide Therapy. Subcutaneous injections using peptide therapy are used to create a desired response in the body, for example, weight loss. Important advances in peptide therapy have provided us with peptides specially designed to aid with weight loss by stimulating the breakdown of fat. These peptides may also be used to decrease inflammation or to stimulate the creation of growth hormone and subsequently increase muscle mass. Peptides are administered through the epidermis as a subcutaneous injection. They may also be applied to the skin in a lotion. Please contact us for more details.



IV Drip Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my first visit?

- Select the type of infusion you’d like to receive. You may call us or choose online.
- Schedule an appointment to see us with as little as 2-hour notice.
- Upon arrival, a healthcare provider will quickly review your medical history and obtain your basic vital signs.
- Start feeling better, while your body receives intravenous hydration, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals.


Do I need to see Indy Vital’s doctor on consultation prior to my IV drip infusion?

When you visit us for an IV drip infusion, you may choose to have a full consultation with our board-certified physician or with our nurse practitioner. If you are a healthy individual and you have chosen which infusion you would like to have; you may opt to proceed to the intravenous therapy without having a doctor’s consultation. Regardless of your decision, all infusions are done under the supervision of our physicians, nurses and medical staff.


When do I need to see a doctor prior to the IV infusion therapy?

We especially indicate consultation with our physician in case you have a chronic medical condition that may require modifications to the IV Drip Therapy. In this case, the physician will obtain a detailed medical history and vital signs and proceed to recommend what would be the best IV drip therapy for you. Our physician consultation cost is included with the IV drip therapy.


Why should I receive intravenous drip therapy?

There are several reasons why one would benefit from intravenous drip infusions. Depending on your needs, you may want to have an infusion to reduce stress, boost your metabolism, detox, improve sleep or recover from extraneous exercise activity. We also have formulas that will help you recover from a hangover.


What are the usual components of the intravenous drip infusion?

Most of our infusions contain a saline solution that is isotonic to plasma plus additional electrolytes, minerals, essential nutrients, vitamins and peptides/amino acids that may be added.


What is the advantage of receiving a nutrient or medication orally versus using intravenous drip therapy?

The great advantage of receiving intravenous compounds is that there is no doubt they will get into your body, circulation and cells. When the oral route is used for vitamins, for example, the vitamin you ingested may not be absorbed 100%. Several individuals have what we call a leaky gut.


What is the leaky gut?

The lining of the intestine forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Several conditions may cause the lining of the gut to become inflamed allowing partially digested food, toxins and bacteria to penetrate the tissue beneath the lining of the intestine. The absorption of food and nutrients as well as medications may be compromised in these circumstances. These patient’s benefit the most from intravenous drip therapy.


How long does it take to receive the intravenous drip therapy?

The infusion takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Upon your arrival, we will immediately start obtaining a quick medical history and vital signs that be followed by the insertion of an IV by one of our healthcare providers. The entire process is supervised by our medical team which includes a nurse practitioner and or a medical doctor. Our goal is that your entire stay with us for the IV infusion is less than 2 hours.


How frequently can I get intravenous infusions?

It depends on the reason for your infusion but in general we do not recommend that you take more than two infusions a week, in other words, one infusion every 3 days.


Will I lose weight with the use of IV drip therapy?

At Indy Vital we have an IV drip solution especially designed for weight loss; it’s called VitaThin. How does it work? While limiting calories and keeping a workout regimen, one may feel a drop-in energy and stamina. Optimizing hydration, electrolytes and vitamins will help you continue to adhere to the dietary and exercise regimen. When taking oral vitamins only 15 to 25% get absorbed. The use of intravenous vitamin therapy will maximize the delivery of this compounds directly into your cells. By boosting your adrenal gland and improving your sleep, we believe that our IV drip solutions may help you lose weight.


What are the costs associated with the IV drip therapy?

The cost will vary depending on the components of the IV drip you had selected or that our physician recommends you. The cost varies from a basic IV hydration for $100 to the most complex infusion at $350 


Indy Athletic Room

At Indy Vital, we understand the importance of the competitive athlete in preventing and treating dehydration and exercise-associated muscle cramps, as they are linked to a decline in athletic performance.

Why does IV drip therapy help? During exercise activity, heat is produced by the contraction of multiple muscles. This heat is then transferred to the circulatory system and subsequently dissipates to the environment by activation of the capillary supplying the skin. Vaporization of sweat accounts for 80% of heat loss in hot, dry atmospheric conditions. This loss of water can cause a state of dehydration. 

Dehydration may develop producing deleterious effects such as a decrease in my aerobic capacity, decrease in anaerobic capacity followed by cognitive function decline and ultimately electrolyte disturbances that may progress and if severe enough can cause death.

At our facility, we can provide you with intravenous drip therapy before and or after the competition or athletic training. In addition to intravenous fluid hydration, you could opt to have our IV energy for athletes IV drip therapy. Bellow the composition of our athletic IV drip:

IV Energy for Athletes: the goal is to provide professional and non-professional athletes with a boost of energy and improve athletic performance and or recovery. This IV therapy composition is a mix of electrolytes, antioxidants, essential minerals, and vitamins that will hydrate muscle and increase body performance.

Composition: 1.5L (before or after the competition) of isotonic normal saline with added ascorbic acid, vitamin B complexes including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, calcium, magnesium, L-carnitine, glutathione, taurine, multitrace-5 Zinc, copper, chromium, selenium. 

*For additional detailed information on our IV drip therapy program, go to our webpage IV drip treatment listed under the main menu.



- THERE IS AN absolute contraindication in case individual OR PATIENT is allergic to any of the compounds selected in the intravenous drip infusion bag MIX
- 2- An absolute contraindication if an individual has an infection involving the side selected for IV cannulation. The area of infection should ALWAYS be avoided, and A new site has to be selected for the IV infusion.


Relative Contraindications

- Individuals who had a mastectomy, IV cannulation should be avoided on the extremity side where the mastectomy took place. (Example if a patient had the left mastectomy the left upper extremity should be avoided).
- Individuals who have an arteriovenous for dialysis or graft for dialysis, avoid the side of the dialysis access.
- Intravenous fluids are also usually contraindicated in patients who have a history of congestive heart failure or having a history of end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis.
- Another relative contraindication in an individual at high risk for fluid extravasation or inadequate flow of peripheral IV (example patients that have severe edema or swelling of the extremities, previous burner injury to the peripheral veins).


Conditions Treated


Dehydration describes a state of negative fluid balance that may be caused by numerous disease entities. Diarrheal illnesses are the most common etiologies. Vomiting and fever may also be indications for IV Fluid Hydration.



Our Immune Super Boost formula contains high dose vitamin C that is particularly useful whenever you’re under higher than normal amounts of anxiety, feeling excessive tiredness if your immune system requires bolstering to combat severe or chronic bacterial and viral infections.


Anti-Aging and Wellness

If you want to feel more energized and bring back the stamina of younger years our anti-aging formula may provide the uplift, you are looking for. The anti-aging formula IV was created to provide the key ingredients to improve mental focus, muscle function, AND SKIN.


Neurological conditions

Our Immune Super Boost formula contains high dose vitamin C that is particularly useful whenever you’re under higher than normal amounts of anxiety, feeling excessive tiredness if your immune system requires bolstering to combat severe or chronic bacterial and viral infections.


Immune Booster

Our Immune Super Boost formula contains high dose vitamin C that is particularly useful whenever you’re under higher than normal amounts of anxiety, feeling excessive tiredness if your immune system requires bolstering to combat severe or chronic bacterial and viral infections.


Athletic Performance and Recovery

During the intense physical activity, our bodies consume macronutrients quickly. Fatigue may be very significant and to continue to train hard could become a struggle. Most people also develop dehydration and significant muscle soreness associated with intense exercise. The good news is that Indy Vital is here and after the most extreme events, you can recuperate fast by using our IV therapy for athletes.


Migraine and IV Drip Therapy

Migraines and other debilitating headaches can interrupt your life with excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to both light and sounds. Let us help you get back on track fast and avoid long waits in the ER. You can also save a significant amount of money by avoiding expensive hospitals. We’ve got an IV infusion formula that contains high dose magnesium that is usually very low on individuals who suffer from migraine. Because Indy Vital is a medical practice, we can also provide you with intramuscular medications such as Toradol, potent medicine for acute migraine state.

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