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Pain Management At Indy Vital


At Indy Vital one of our most important missions is to provide patients who experience, ongoing chronic pain, with a treatment that works.

THE PROBLEM: Studies report that 1 in every 10 Americans deals with this issue. Statistically, this means that in a city like Indianapolis, about 200,000 people are walking around experiencing pain.

THE CURRENT SITUATION: In 2014, the US retail pharmacies had dispensed over 200 million prescriptions for opioids. We are now facing an opioid crisis with millions of people became dependent on prescription opioids. These days, in our modern society, we are affected by what we call a triad of symptoms, formed by pain, stress, and addiction.

THE NEED FOR SAFE NONPHARMACOLOGICAL THERAPIES: For most patients suffering every day with pain, such as individuals with Autoimmune Disease or Fibromyalgia, having alternatives to narcotics represents hope.

THE HOPE: A significant amount of chronic pain sufferers has to hope that one day, they will feel normal again. The fact is that a substantial number of individuals who suffer from debilitating chronic pain don't want to take narcotics. The vast majority just want to feel good again. Americans are in desperate need to find a solution to their chronic pain problem.

THE SOLUTION: At Indy Vital, we have answers. In our medical practice, we believe that our nonpharmacological therapies and approach (drug-free therapy) works. We use a spectrum of advance therapies that are effective, safe, and non-invasive for chronic pain therapy. Our advanced treatments can be used alone or in combination.


Our protocol is consistent in using the following therapies for pain:

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy


Microcurrent Therapy

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block (SGB)

Shockwave Therapy



Initial Evaluation

First, upon joining the membership, we will provide you with an assessment which includes a physical examination and a detailed personal and family history. The physical exam is focused on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. You will be asked about exertional symptoms, the presence of a heart murmur, cardiac conditions, and also if there is a family history of sudden death. (The guidelines of the US medical and athletic organizations do not recommend obtaining an electrocardiogram, blood or urine tests routinely before starting regular physical activity and exercise program. These tests will not be collected unless you are someone who has a cardiac problem, lung disease, bleeding disorder or have a history of musculoskeletal problems, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other neurological problems.)

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