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About Us


At Indy Vital we offer a variety of therapies to treat multiple illnesses along with management of pain. We bring you the latest treatments in science and technology through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, laser and low-level light therapy, shock wave therapy, microcurrent therapy, stem cell therapy, intravenous solutions with the IV infusion of peptides, vitamins and electrolytes and hormonal treatment.

We have several modalities of treatment and our patients may utilize them alone or in combination. Depending on the severity of illness and the physician’s prescription, a particular patient may have one kind of treatment or several other regimens in trying to achieve a successful recovery. Our protocols may be used for initial treatment and subsequently could be used to maintain a patients symptoms.

At Indy Vital we prefer to use drug-free protocols, avoiding excessive use of medications. Medication will stabilize an illness or pain for a period of time, but in the long run it won’t restore a patient’s best state of health, performance, function, and happiness.

When you visit Indy Vital, we want you to feel at home. We will design an individualized plan to get you back to your happy, healthy state. We see medicine through a different set of lenses–we concentrate on providing each one of our patients with a sense of wellness and rejuvenation.

Visit us for a consultation or to use one of our many drug-free therapies. You will be moving from illness to wellness once you start your healing journey with us.

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