A Board-Certified physician with 25 years of experience in the field of Medicine, Dr. Vieira is a dynamic individual who utilizes creativity, leadership, and teamwork in his daily practice. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Pontificate Catholic University (PUC), a prestigious medical school in Brazil.

Dr. Vieira is a very effective communicator and has extensive experience in the areas of clinical medicine in academia and private settings. He is fluent in 3 languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Upon his arrival to the United States, he was invited by Dr. George Irwin, Chief of Endocrine Surgery at the University of Miami, to run the University’s Parathyroid Research Laboratory. After two years of education and training in Endocrine Surgery, Dr. Vieira went on training in Internal Medicine, followed by very specialized training in Nephrology and Interventional Procedural Nephrology.

Upon finishing his education, Dr. Vieira was chosen by his professors to join the faculty staff at the University of Miami in South Florida, where he became Instructor and Assistant Professor of Medicine.

While a member of the University of Miami faculty, he was honored by receiving the nomination from the medical students, to be the best professor of medicine for two consecutive years, academic years of 2004 and 2005. Later on, Dr. Vieira moved from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and joined the medical staff at the Cleveland Clinic of Florida, as Chief of the Department of Kidney Diseases. After near 20 years in South Florida, in 2010, he moved to Indiana after excepting an invitation to develop a brand new Nephrology program at a community hospital in Shelbyville.

In Shelbyville, at Major Hospital, Dr. Vieira had created an inpatient and outpatient dialysis program that currently provides care and sustains life to several patients who require chronic dialytic therapy regularly. It is also important to mention that during his career as a doctor, Dr. Vieira had a tremendous amount of exposure to procedural surgery, having performed over 3,000 procedures.

Most recently, Dr. Cris Vieira became familiar with the concept of Functional Medicine and became the Medical Director to a new fantastic project called Indy Vital. At Indy Vital Dr. Vieira will be responsible for direct patient care and set the strategy and direction of the practice, modeling the medical practice culture, values, and position in the community.

Dr. Vieira is happily married to Lourdes Vieira and has four children. He resides in Fishers for the past nine years. When asked about why he choose to create Indy Vital, he said: “There are crucial moments in one’s life when you get inspired to create something unique. When these moments of extreme clarity happen, we have to take action. I took action and created Indy Vital. I know that at Indy Vital, I am in a position where I can help people who need the most. My mission is to be able to deliver to my clients and patients top-notch care that will bring back that vital energy of body and mind, especially to individuals who no longer feel there is a spark in their lives.”

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