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At Indy Vital, we believe in maximizing your health and longevity by providing some of the most effective and exclusive therapies available in modern medicine.
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At Indy Vital, we have designed an ultra-specialized anti-aging program that we customize and tailor just for you. Our anti-aging strategies involve noninvasive aesthetic treatments, intravenous nutrient support with the use of vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes. We use specific molecules that will revive, replenish, and regenerate. Cryotherapy, red and near red light, microcurrent, and even medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen therapy are part of our methods. We are focused on getting your body and mind energized. Our ultimate goal is to reverse the effects of aging and prevent illnesses. At Indy Vital, we work hard to make you look and feel younger and vitalized.

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Headache Disorders

Chronic and recurrent migraine headaches can be excruciating and debilitating to the point where a person can be completely disabled. Indy Vital can help identify the root cause and provide you with a revolutionary procedure called SGB or Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block. We also have the ability to provide you with Photobiomodulation, a form of light therapy and an intravenous drip therapy specially designed to alleviate and decrease the frequency of your migraine headaches.

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Indy Athletic Room

For elite professional athletes or avid non-professionals looking to improve body endurance and stamina, we’ve create INDY ATHLETIC ROOM. This facility uses a variety of tools including Laser-light therapy, shock-wave therapy and IV-drip therapy to treat soft-tissue damage and soreness. We have all the most cutting-edge therapeutic capabilities including Cryotherapy and micro current therapy. Our goal is to compress your recovery time and optimize your recovery results. Soft tissue therapy programs are à la carte - or, unlimited through your Indy Athletic Room Membership.

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Men's Health

For men of a certain age, there’s a litany of symptoms that can ultimately be traced back to Low Testosterone. “Low T” can be the underlying pathology behind fatigue and lethargy, or loss of muscle mass and decreased motivation. Increased irritability as well as decreased motivation, foggy cognitive function and failing verbal memory are also symptoms. Even sexual disfunction like ED and pre-mature ejaculation can be caused by “Low T”. Most of the estimated 13 million US men who suffer from Low T are unaware of their condition.

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Pain Management

Pain can take many forms and relief is not a one-size-fits-all process. The pain sufferer can be debilitated - losing sleep, missing work, and being sidelined from enjoying life. Unmanaged pain can aggravate other health conditions and lead to depression and anxiety symptoms. Pain management does not come in just a bottle of pills. While the source may not always be identifiable, we try to minimize the “trial-and-error” approach and embrace the person as a whole. Indy Vital has a menu of Pain Management options that we will tailor to fit your lifestyle.

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Ketamine Infusion

At INDY VITAL, we have solutions that will begin working from day number one. We have a fantastic protocol that utilizes alternative methods such as Cryotherapy, red light therapy, and Ketamine. Ketamine was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Indy Vital is considered an essential service and is currently open. The health and safety of our clientele is our utmost priority. We have modified how we currently schedule patients to comply with CDC Guidelines and social distancing recommendations. Please call us at ​317-593-3097 for more information